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Mosquito Evacuation Plan

Living in our community also means living in an area that has a high risk of wild land fires. Many of us realize that but we often have a tendency to believe that wild land fire "happens to the other guy" and cannot happen to us here. In reality it can happen here as it did in 1979 with the Chili Bar Fire and most recently with the 2014 King Fire of September ! Therefore, all residents should be planning what to do if a wild land fire does take place. Preplanning eliminates panic and confusion, protects property, and saves lives. A plan should start with your own home. Collect these items in a sinle location, if possible, for easy retrieval if necessary. Everyone should know and practice two escape routes out of their home (especially the bedroom areas) and should have an outside meeting place to account for every one.

The Swansboro Airport has been designation as the "Evacuation Site" for the community. You should familiarize yourself with the primary evacuation route from your home to the evacuation site. Also, identify alternte routes to the evacuation site in case the primary is cut off by fire or blocked by fire equipment

Mosquito Fire Safe Council


El Dorado County Fire Safe Council

El Dorado County Western Slope Community Wildfire PEl Dorado County Western Slope Community Wildfire Protection Planrotection Plan

El Dorado County Fire Safe Council offers a wealth of information for fire safe environment.

Use the primary link above to see  resources available to assist with making your home and neighborhood "Fire Safe"

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