March-April 2022

Calls for Service:   March 21-April 21

Chimney Fire- 1

Fire Alarm- 2

Medical Aid- 6 

Smoke Check- 1

Public Assist- 1

 The Fire District was pleased and honored to host a community meeting for the new bridge construction, presented by the El Dorado County Department of Transportation.  The meeting was Thursday April 21st at 6:00pm.  This project has been in the planning phases for many years, but it is not a reality until now, thanks to confirmed Federal Funding with a successful bid process.  Details of the information gathered from the meeting will be provided on the Fire District’s website and social media.  Much appreciation to our firefighters and Support Group who provided a BBQ meal for our residents prior to the meeting. 

 The Fire District will be coordinating a Community Evacuation Drill on Saturday June 11th at 12:00pm.  The airport and surrounding areas of Dyer and Trout lakes will be used to stage residents, vehicles and possibly large animals (large animal rescue volunteers will be present and testing procedures).  In the event of fire, time will of the essence for safe evacuation.  Our simulation tests the Department’s standard operating procedures and presumes the Mosquito Bridge is closed (due to new bridge construction).  After the drill there will be a fire safety event hosted by SCPOA and the Mosquito Fire Safe Council (lunch provided).  Fire District trucks and equipment will be there for demonstrations, displays and hands-on activities for kids.

 Recent storms have been a welcome relief for dangerously dry vegetation.  As the rainfall diminishes and we have warmer temperatures, native grasses will dry out and the burn season will soon be over.  It will be important to get your burning done safely as soon as possible.  Please follow all burn permit requirements, which can be obtained on-line. The Fire District does not issue burn permits, which are under the jurisdiction of Cal Fire and El Dorado County Air Quality District. Burn piles 4’x 4’ or smaller, obtain a burn permit at https://burnpermit@fire.ca.gov.  For larger burn piles obtain a permit at https://www.edcgov.us/government/airqualitymanagement/burn-permit-application. Burn barrels are not allowed.  Always call or check our website to see if it’s a burn day before proceeding.

 Cal Fire will be continue vegetation management inspections in our community next month.  They will be out enforcing defensible space regulations around homes (30-100 foot clearance).  The purpose of the inspections are educational but they do have the option to issue warning and citations.

 I reported last month about El Dorado Hills FD doing defensible space inspections in our District.  After discussion with El Dorado Hills FD and the County, they will not be inspecting, considering Cal Fire has already been working with our residents on the same inspections.  Our District will handle the County vegetation complaints (under the County’s “Good Neighbor” ordinance) and work with residents to gain compliance.  We did this last year and will continue this year, in close coordination with the County.

 Emergency Medical Responder training (80 hrs) will be scheduled to begin in March.  We will have six Department volunteers taking the class, along with people off the Hill, who have registered through the hired instructor.  This will give us additional personnel to respond and assist with medical emergencies.

 Wildland season will soon be here and we are actively focusing all training on firefighting preparedness.  Our OES engine (4613) will return to Station 75 Friday April 22nd after months being away getting repaired (supply chain issues with parts).  We have been successful in adding additional firefighter graduates the wildland academy, created, and organized by a Pioneer FD firefighter.  The academy is recognized by the Folsom Lake College and County ROP fire training programs.

 We will receive brand new Scott breathing apparatus within the next few weeks.  The regional FEMA Assistance to Firefighter grant (Mosquito, Pioneer, Georgetown) will pay for full replacement of our breathing apparatus and air masks.  There was approximately $9,500 in excess grant money from the funds assigned to us, which will purchase a turnout extractor (washing machine) and additional radio pagers for our volunteers. A special thanks to the Pioneer Fire District for writing and sponsoring this very important grant.  Our current breathing apparatus, purchased reconditioned last year, will be used as backup and training.  All of our current breathing apparatus parts and pieces are compatible with the new units coming in.  The new units were purchased through the Cal Fire contract with the Scott breathing apparatus vendor.  Scott breathing apparatus is now with all El Dorado County west slope fire districts. 

 The Fire District will be conducting annual fire safety inspections on all non-residential hangers at the airport.  The purpose is fire safety education/awareness, firefighter safety and pre-fire planning.  Please contact me to schedule an inspection, at your convenience, if you own or rent a hanger. 

 We continue to seek interest from the Community for those interesting in CERT training. CERT basic training consists of approximately 30 hours of basic disaster preparedness training delivered in a flexible format over several months. Those taking the training will be much better prepared for emergency and disaster situations at home and elsewhere. Additional training will be available for those who wish to expand their knowledge and become certified volunteer responders to emergency incidents. If this interests you and would like to learn more, please contact me or Fire Director Wayne Gregson (wgregson@mfpd.us).

 The District is seeking volunteers of all types. If you have the desire to contribute your skills and talents to help your community, we definitely have a place for you.   Please visit our website, www.mfpd.us.

Fire District staff is fully committed to our Community.  We stand ready to assist our residents with any needs they may have, to prepare, support and provide the most up to date information.  Please call us at 530-626-9017 or stop by the station.

This concludes my report.  I will continue to update our projects and report progress.  We appreciate the great support we receive from the Community and its commitment to being prepared.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please call me at the fire station (626-9017) or email me at jrosevear@mfpd.us.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday April 26- MFPD Firefighter Training- 6pm- Station 75

Thursday April 28- Fire Board Meeting- 7pm- Station 75

Saturday April 30- Preliminary Budget Workshop- 10am at Station 75


Tuesday May 3- MFPD Firefighter Training- 6pm- Station 75

Thursday May 5- MVFA Monthly Board Meeting- 3pm- Station 75

Saturday May 7- Support Group Monthly Training- 10am- Station 75

Tuesday May 10- MFPD Firefighter Training- 6pm- Station 75

Tuesday May 17- MFPD Firefighter Training- 6pm- Station 75

Tuesday May 24- MFPD Firefighter Training- 6pm- Station 75

Thursday May 26- Fire Board Meeting- 7pm- Station 75


Saturday June 4- MVFA Yard Sale- 10am- Station 75

Saturday June 11- Community Evacuation Drill- 12pm- Airport area

                                 Fire Safety Event- 2pm- Dyer Lake


Jack Rosevear, Chief