June-July 2021

Calls for Service:   June 21-July 15 

Fires:   4  (Water Tender Mutual aid to El Dorado Hills, Diamond Springs, Garden Valley (diverted to a Forest Service Incident- OES 4613 assigned to the Bootleg Incident in Southern Oregon- Update 7/23/21– OES 4613 is now assigned to the west side of the Dixie Fire in Butte/Tehama Counties)

Debris Fire- 1

Medical:   2

Public Assist:  2

Gas Hazard:  1

On June 24th, District personnel had the honor of receiving and bringing back to Station 75 a brand new OES Type 6 fire engine (OES 4613).  It has been many years since the District has had a new fire apparatus.  The engine comes to us fully equipped with all necessary hose, radios and equipment, including the latest models of Hurst battery powered vehicle extrication tools.  In the early morning hours of July 15th, OES 4613 deployed to the Bootleg Incident in the Fremont-Winema National Forest in Southern Oregon.  The crew consists of Captain Morgan Lugo, Apparatus Operator Ryan Hopkins, Firefighters Coleman Johns and Greyson Dillender.

Firefighters have been training and becoming oriented with the engine for the past few weeks and the engine was operational for out of District response since June 25th.  Under our contract with OES, our firefighters and OES Engine 4613 will respond anywhere at the State’s request.  When not deployed on OES missions, the engine is available for use and response to incidents within our District.  With the exception of fuel for local use, all expenses and maintenance of the engine are covered by State OES.

With the annual Mosquito Bridge closure, it gives us a reminder to be prepared for the possibility of evacuation, in the event of a fast moving wildfire.  Our evacuation procedures for our personnel have been updated and available to the public on our website: https://mfpd.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Evac-SOP-June-21-Final.pdf.  We encourage residents to call us for a home visit, fire safety evaluation and discussion about evacuation preparedness (contact jrosevear@mfpd.us or call 626-9017).

It was necessary to replace the aging station ice machine, which has been in operation for the past 15 years.  The machine has served well but has been recently making excessive noise and shutting down.  Parts and repairs for the unit is difficult and with fire season and hot weather at hand, the best choice was to replace it.  Captain Morgan called available vendors in the area. The best price we could find was $2,115.  We will pick up the new unit in Auburn and install it ourselves.  We have just received $5,000 in breathing apparatus trade in, pursuant to the purchase of Scott breathing apparatus from Dalmatian Fire Equipment.

The Sheriff and Cal Fire encourage residents to sign up for the Code Red program (phone application but also for hard-wire phones, email, and other devices), to receive emergency information about fires or other emergencies to be aware of and possibly evacuate from.  You can find sign-up information at:  EDSO Alert Notification.

Personnel Update:  

Firefighter Engineer Brian Morris has been accepted to Paramedic School, beginning in August 2021.  Brian will be funded by a FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant, which will cover salary, tuition and replacement of Brian’s position while he is away.  The training process will take approximately one year, and Brian will return to us a certified paramedic, as Ryan Purves is now.

Summary of Current Personnel:

2 Full Time- Chief & Captain

3 Part Time- FF Engineers, Admin Assistant

2 Volunteers- Administration/Grants

9 Trained Volunteers- Asst Chief, Battalion Chief, Captain, Apparatus Operators, Firefighters

11 Volunteers in Training- Firefighters

1 Explorer

5 Volunteers being on boarded- Firefighters

17 Support Group (four interested residents considering coming on board)

Grant Update:

On 3/12/21 we submitted our grant request to FEMA for the SAFER program funding for staffing.  If awarded, which we are hopeful, the grant would provide the ability for us to fund six full time positions for round the clock staffing for the next 3-4 years.  Awards will be announced in September 2021.

I also submitted a grant request to the Jenny Jones Foundation through the California State Firefighters Association (CSFA).  The request was for $25,000 for the replacement of aging hose and the addition of new fire hose, which we have not been able to afford.  There was quite a bit of hose which was sold for surplus last year, without consideration of replacement.  We need to add hose length capability for water supply and fire attack lines.  We are currently borrowing 600 feet of fire attack double jacket hose, from Cal Fire.  We have an additional grant request for hose replacement (Brothers Helping Brothers- written by Laurie Teague).

We have also submitted three additional grants (2 regional, 1 District) to FEMA for various equipment.  Regional grants have been requested with our sister districts for the purchase of new, state of the art breathing apparatus and updated mobile radios, portable radios and pagers.  District equipment includes vehicle extrication equipment, a washing machine for contaminated safety gear and a replacement breathing air compressor.

SSD/Strike Team Invoice Update:

Attached is the latest update of invoices, breakdown of expenses and revenue generated by fire engine and SSD out of District fire deployments.  I do not anticipate all invoices to be paid until late July or early August.

The District is seeking volunteers of all types. If you have the desire to contribute your skills and talents to help your community, we have a place for you.   Please visit our website, www.mfpd.us.

This concludes my report.  I will continue to update our projects and report progress.  There are some exciting months ahead as we develop these programs and attract new people to the District.  I appreciate the great support we receive from the Community and its commitment to being prepared.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please call me at the fire station (626-9017) or email me at jrosevear@mfpd.us.

Jack Rosevear, Chief