10/15/2021 6:09pm

Power outage; PG&E now estimating power restore at 5:30 tomorrow night 10/16. No known source

10/15/2021 5:44pm

Power outage ongoing effecting south of the Airport, down Rock Creek, down Mosquito across the bridge upt the canyon all the way to Kona, this includes Buckboard area. Possibly affecting 500 households. PG&E trying to find the source. Estimated power restore 11pm tonight.

10/13/2021 3:55pm

MFPD OES 4613 with Morgan Lugo, Devin Hern and Carson Keeton released from the KNP Complex Fire and will be home this evening.  

Strike Team XSJ4812F Departing the KNP Incident Includes MFPD M. Lugo, D. Hern and C. Keeton

10/11/2021 11:15pm

On Monday October 11, 2021 at 3:09pm, Camino Dispatch received a report of a structure fire on Gravel Road. Engine 75 and Water Tender 75 departed Station 75 at 3:10pm to the location at the end of Gravel Rd. Heavy dark smoke was visible from a distance on Gravel Rd. Assistant Chief Hern requested two additional water tenders to respond.

The fire location was nearly at the end of Gravel Rd. Due to the poor and severely rutted condition of Gravel Road, the engines could not travel more than 20-25 mph to the scene. Engine 75, Water Tender 75, Chiefs Chaloux and Rosevear arrived at scene at 3:20pm, to find a two-story residence fully involved in fire and spreading to the surrounding wildland area. Winds were blowing at the time from the north. Red Flag fire weather conditions were in effect. Camino Dispatch upgraded the response for the wildland spread, which included three hand crews, bulldozer, helicopter, air tankers and additional engines. MFPD Engine 275 arrived to assist prior to mutual aid engines arriving. Members of the Support Group closed gravel road and responded with hydration for the fire crews.

MFPD personnel deployed hose lines to stop the spread of the fire from the well involved structure. There were a number of homes in the area which were threatened, including properties on both sides of the fire scene and below on Rock Creek Rd. Approximately 23 minutes later, the first of the Cal Fire engines and our partners from the Garden Valley Fire District and El Dorado County Fire arrived to assist. While MFPD and El Dorado County FD personnel attacked the structure fire, Cal Fire engines and hand crews deployed to contain six spot fires down-wind of the fire scene. Wildland fire crews were assisted by bucket drops from a helicopter while a large capacity air tanker (VLAT) orbited overhead, ready to drop, if needed.

Engines and water tenders were able to access a newly installed (by MFPD) 10K gallon water storage tank at the end of Gravel Rd. The addition of the recently installed 10K gallon water storage tank was instrumental in refilling and providing water to the fire scene. The tank was installed with permission of a nearby landowner, because of the lack of water supply and severe wildland fire threat in the Gravel Road area. Without that new tank in service, water tenders would have had to refill on Rock Creek Rd. near Frank’s Diner, a turnaround time of approximately 30 minutes. This was truly a game changer for our community’s safety and our ability to confine a fire under extreme conditions, as we experienced today.

Approximately 80 personnel were deployed to the incident to ensure the fire did not advance and cause widespread damage. This included 11 MFPD support group personnel who responded to provide hydration and food to the firefighters, and staff the station, to answer questions for community members calling with questions and concerns. An MFPD firefighter suffered a minor back injury after falling, while no civilians were injured. Firefighters will remain at the scene overnight to check for hotspots.

10/11/2021 4:40pm

House Fire on Gravel Road extinguished.  Aircraft released.  PG&E on site repairing downed power line.

10/11/2021 3:35pm

House fire reported on Gravel Road.  Mosquito Fire and Support Group responding.  

10/10/2021 10:10pm

Red Flag Warning in effect from Monday 10/11, 11am to Tuesday 10/12, 7pm.
MFPD will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.

Red Flag Warning

10/10/2021 9:21am

This just received, El Dorado County has been removed from the PSPS Scope.

MFPD will continue monitor and advise if there are any further issues or concerns.

10/10/2021 8:40am


With dry offshore winds in forecast, PG&E may need to turn off power for safety in a targeted manner starting Monday morning. This power cutoff should not affect us, we will post any update that will affect Mosquito/Swansboro. Please refer to the following for more information.

PG&E Alerts

Public Safety Power Shutoff Situation Report 10/09/2021

PSPS 48 Hour Event

El Dorado County Outage Area Map

8/10/2021 News

MFPD is preparing for another crew swap this Thursday at the Dixie Fire. OES will authorize the payment for the transition of both crews and a rental vehicle.

Morgan Lugo, Ryan Hopkins and Carson Keeton will be relieving Todd Hern, Devin Hern and Mitch Keith, who have done an excellent job saving homes and representing our District under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions.

8/4/2021 News

New Official Facebook Page for the Mosquito Fire Protection District is located here


6/24/2021 News

Mosquito Fire District received a new Type 6 Engine on June 24th.

This is a 2020 HME – Ahrens Fox Built Ford for the OES.

It has 2 pumps the main is a 500 GPM and the Aux Pump is a 200 GPM and can hold 300 gallons of water.

This vehicle comes equipped with state of the art HURST Battery powered extrication equipment and has a full compliment of hose / equipment and tools.

This vehicle will be used in district as well on strike teams when called by the OES. This will help the community by offering a light alternative to fire response as well as a secondary response to back up the engine on all normal calls.