12/30/2021 10:00pm

MFPD PSA – Recap

Power has been restored to most of Stope Dr and Log Cabin areas. If you are in these areas and do not have power, please let us know. We are in direct contact with PGE field personnel.

The areas restored today are the result of servicemen correcting faults in system which they could easily correct. Trees leaning on power lines were removed- blown fuses and tripped breakers restored. This work can be done by a minimal crew. PGE and ATT crews were sent to repair downed lines at Mosquito at Dogwood.

SCPOA snow plowing and will continue tomorrow. County DOT did plowing and inspections on Rock Creek and Mosquito Roads. Main access roads are clear. Travel off the hill is back to normal.

It will take longer to restore areas where there are down power lines. This requires more personnel and equipment. There are lines down on Lupine between Pine Needle and Stope and on Swansboro Rd. We will know more about their timelines tomorrow. It’s obvious due to the storms impacts around the County that line replacement crews are stretched thin. We will post updates as we get them.

Calls were slower today and things are getting back to normal. We will have difficulty accessing driveways and some of the courts not yet plowed. We’ll continue to respond to resident requests and help the best we can. We cleared a few driveways and got generators running.

Anyone needing assistance can call the station (530) 626-9017 between 9-5 or the Chief’s cell phone (707) 490-2138 after hours. Other option is to post to FB or MFPD Nextdoor and let us know what the need is. If it’s an
emergency dial 911.

12/29/2021 8:21pm


Personnel responded to an array of calls for service ranging from trees down, driveways blocked, vehicles stuck, welfare checks from concerned family and neighbors, assisting with generator problems, and providing assistance to home bound residents needing fuel. The station was inundated with phone calls requesting traffic conditions and requesting info on community conditions. Responding to community requests kept crews busy from 8am to 6pm. Crews remain on standby for emergencies which may happen overnight.

Caution to residents regarding freezing and slippery conditions overnight and early morning especially Mosquito Rd. Residents should use caution at home with slip hazards around walkways and driveways.

Plowing operations will continue tomorrow. Main roads are all open and plowed. Plowing will be extended to the courts tomorrow and Friday. PGE has worked with us to open roads which were closed due to trees and power lines down.

Any issues contact the fire station (530) 626-9017 which will be staffed 24 hrs today and tomorrow.

PGE crews are actively working to restore power as soon as possible.

12/29/2021 1:37pm

MFPD PSA – Road Conditions 

Mosquito, Dogwood and Lupin have been cleared and re-opened.

Mosquito to town and Rock Creek Roads are open.

Roads are slippery drive with caution, especially in the morning and evening.

Station 75 is staffed and the phones work.

12/29/2021 10:43am

MFPD PSA – Road Conditions 

Advise extreme caution going across the Mosquito Bridge, it’s slippery especially in the early morning.
Roads are slippery drive with caution.
Mosquito and Rock Creek Roads are open.
Plowing is in progress.
Priority is to open Mosquito, Dogwood and Lupin.
Report any new downed power lines and downed trees or branches affecting road travel to the Fire Department. Reminder if you come across downed power line stay back, consider them charged.
Station 75 is staffed and the phones work.

12/28/2021 3:55pm

MFPD PSA – Power Outage

By all accounts it looks like power will be out for a while as PG&E works on restoration. If you require gas to run you generators please take the time to run into town and fill up your cans and pick up any other necessities that you might need. The station keeps a small supply of gas and diesel however we do not have enough to supply the public. MFPD will assist in extreme emergency situations as we are able, however it’s important that you take the time to get what you need for a prolonged power outage. At this time there is no ETA for service being restored.

12/28/2021 3:48pm

MFPD PSA – Safety

Significant snow has fallen over the mountains and foothills and will continue through Wednesday. If you are getting out there to shovel your driveway, follow these safety tips. Also be sure to check on your neighbors!

View NWS Sacramento on Twitter

12/28/2021 8:18am

PSA – Weather

A couple of cold weather systems will continue to bring snow to Norcal today through Wednesday. Light snow is expected today, but heavier snow is forecast later tonight into Wednesday.

View NWS Sacramento on Twitter

12/27/2021 8:04pm


Swansboro between Sluice and Mosquito Road is closed due to power line being down.

MFPD crews are ready for anything that may occur overnight.

12/27/2021 5:25pm

MFPD PSA Weather/Power/Roads 

Safety, Safety and more Safety.

Do not go around any downed power lines, consider them charged.

Trees and power line down at Mosquito and Dogwood, road blocked.

3100 block of Dyer downed power lines.

End of Orval Beckett Ct downed power lines.

Lupin between Running Quail and Pine Needle, tree has almost taken down a power pole. Road blocked at Stope and Lupin.

Do not go around placed barriers they are there for a reason, by doing so you could put yourself and others in danger.

Stope is open use caution because there are icey spots and snow accumulation.

Maidu (recommend not to take Maidu due to icey conditions) use Log Cabin to Stope.

Log Cabin for same reason exit out to Stope.

Mosquito to the bridge is open and good for travel, however on the town side from around Kona to Union Ridge there is a lot of downed branches/debris on the road, we recommend 4WD only take Mosquito to town until County Road clears the debris. Recommend Rock Creek for 2WD cars.

Our roads will be icey tonight, only travel if you have to. Be careful, the roads have not been plowed for awhile.

Station 75 will not be staffed tonight. In case of a non emergency you can call Chief Rosevear at 707-490-2138. Local Volunteer FF’s and Support Staff will be standing by if needed for response. If an emergency exists dial 911, which will activate MFPD Active Alert.

12/27/2021 4:05pm

MFPD PSA Mosquito Bridge and Weather 

Mosquito Bridge is open, Mosquito Road is open to and from town.

Rock Creek is open.

Power lines down on Dogwood, Lupin and Dyer. Use caution if you have to travel these roads.

No eta on power restoration. PGE and is extremely busy.

MFPD crews are extremely busy however they continue to patrol the roads for hazards. They are responding to calls throughout Mosquito/Swansboro.

Station 75 is staffed to answer phone calls and assist walk-ins.

12/27/2021 9:45am

MFPD PSA Weather 

Power line down with tree across the road 3500 block of Lupin.

Power line and tree down Mosquito and Dogwood.

Stope is clear, use caution.

MFPD clearing downed Tree at Claim and Rock Creek.

Tree down at Mosquito and Buckboard that was pushed to the side.

Kevin is out with the snow plow and will be working to clear the roads.

No eta on power restoration. PGE and is extremely busy.

No eta on re-opening Mosquito Bridge.

Rock Creek Road is clear.

Station 75 is manned to answer phone calls.

12/27/2021 8:28pm

MFPD PSA Weather 

Mosquito Road still closed. Rock Road is clear and safe to travel. 775 residences without power this morning, there is no eta for power restoration. At this time MFPD is clearing downed tress on Dogwood. MFPD will continue to patrol the roads and clear any hazards they come across. Keeping Rock Creek Road open is a priority.

12/26/2021 5:43pm

MFPD PSA Mosquito Road 

Mosquito road remains closed. As of 4 pm tonight ATT contract crews were on their way to the scene.

Rock Creek Road remains open.

12/26/2021 10:00am

MFPD PSA Mosquito Road 

Mosquito road remains closed. Chief Rosevear has been in contact with ATT County Rep this morning who said that more information will be coming out shortly. MFPD will continue to monitor the situation and we will post information as we receive it from ATT.

Rock Creek Road is clear and MFPD will continue to ensure that it remains open and safe to travel.

12/25/2021 8:44pm

MFPD PSA Mosquito Road 

There is no word on re-opening Mosquito Road. Turns out it’s an ATT pole that requires replacing and ATT doesn’t want to cut the phones off up here. Its a dangerous and difficult replacement under these conditions. MFPD priority is to keep Rock Creek open and safe to travel.

12/25/2021 2:12pm

MFPD PSA Weather

Periods of moderate to heavy snow continue today-early next week. Heaviest snow is looking to be tonight & Sunday evening-Monday. 

View NWS Sacramento on twitter

12/24/2021 4:53pm

MFPD PSA Mosquito Bridge 

Mosquito Bridge is closed due to a power pole down on the Placerville side. Unknown re-open time.

12/24/2021 12:26pm

MFPD PSA Rock Creek Road

Use caution if your traveling Rock Creek Road. A few turns west of the Rock Creek Bridge the hillside continues to slide and drop rocks onto the roadway. County DOT has been notified to assist. MFPD will continue to patrol for problems.

12/23/2021 2:26pm

MFPD PSA Local Roads

MFPD crew cleared boulders from the road on Rock Creek Rd near the Bridge.
MFPD crew continue to patrol the roads and respond to hazards. Our priority is to keep the roadways safe and open.

12/21/2021 2:34pm

MFPD PSA Weather

Rain is expected across interior #NorCal this afternoon through Monday. There may be some lulls in rain, but expect slick roads through the Christmas weekend. Give yourself extra time to reach your destination!

NWS Sacramento Twitter

12/16/2021 11:02am

In accordance with the new 1 month State Mask Mandate effective 12/15/2021 through 1/15/2022 all visitors to the station will be required to wear a mask while inside the station regardless of vaccine status. Questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Station. 

CDPH Indoor Mask Mandate

12/15/2021 9:18am

Power out to approximately 180 customers on the loop going down through Buckboard and down Mosquito Rd to include the Fire Station. No ETA on restoration per PG&E who is on the scene.

12/15/2021 8:56am

At approximately 4pm Tuesday 12/14 a call was received at the fire station of a tree which was resting on powerlines on Dogwood Ln.  The impact of the tree on the power lines caused a local area power outage.  Fire District staff secured the area, closed traffic to Dogwood Ln and waited over two hours for PG&E to arrive.  The PG&E service person used a boom lift on his service vehicle to cut segments of the tree away from the wires.  Fire District staff cleared the road of the tree cuttings, and the PG&E service person re-energized the power to the residents. 

12/14/2021 11:55am


Rock Creek has been checked and is clear to Hwy 193 and on to town.

12/14/2021 8:47am


MFPD on way to the 1600 block of Swansboro Road to clear a tree blocking a driveway. Flooding at Orval Beckett and Mosquito road. Use caution on the roads.

12/14/2021 7:44am


12/14/2021 6:21am

Proceed with caution 6-8 inches of snow on the roadway. Mosquito at Dyer Lake the road narrows due to to cuttings from a large oak tree that went down. Recommend not using Mosquito to the bridge due to road plowing operations being delayed.

12/12/2021 12:29pm

Weather Update

In addition to heavier rain and snow, gusty winds are also expected tomorrow. Blowing snow will reduce visibility in the mountains and downed trees & branches are possible. Secure those holiday decorations today!

Station 75 is staffed and will be providing updates that will be posted throughout this current storm.

National Weather Service

12/12/2021 11:09am

Mosquito Road re-opened. Sand has been spread on the road, use caution.

12/12/2021 9:58am

Fuel spill between Goat Doctor and the Bridge. CHP and El Dorado County are handling the spill. Use caution road is slippery.

Mosquito Gate going to be closed until County Roads puts sand on the Road. Fuel spill in the switch backs. Traffic will be diverted at the cutoff until clear.

12/11/2021 4:00pm

National weather service has issued a wind advisory for our area now until 10pm Monday 12/13.

12/11/2021 8:52am

The biggest storm (so far) of this winter season is approaching with up to 100 inches of snow possible at the I-80 summit and rain and high winds in the valley. Make sure you’re prepared for travel this weekend.

Caltrans is alerting motorists to an approaching weather system that is expected to deliver significant rain and snowfall totals in Sierra and Valley areas, making regional travel difficult.

Due to heavy snowfall totals predicted for mountain areas between Saturday night and Tuesday evening, Caltrans recommends limiting travel to before or after the storm if possible. Donner Summit on Interstate 80 (I-80) may receive between 80-100 inches of snow, with 60-80 inches possible at Echo Summit on U.S. Highway 50 (U.S. 50).

Snow is expected to start falling late Saturday evening with heaviest snowfall periods anticipated Sunday night through Monday night. Low-elevation snow around 1,000 feet is possible at the tail end of the weather system.

In the Valley areas, 3-4 inches of rainfall is predicted for the Chico and Sacramento areas. Rain totals of 5-7 inches are possible in the foothills. Motorists are advised to be alert for possible roadway flooding, downed trees and power lines due to wind gusts of 35-55 mph.

Chain controls will be in effect in mountain areas with temporary highway closures possible due to whiteout conditions or incidents. Motorists are advised that speed limits during chain controls are reduced to 30 mph on I-80 and 25 mph on U.S. 50.

Caltrans reminds drivers to winterize vehicles by ensuring tires are properly inflated and have good tread, and to stock up with water, blankets, snacks, a flashlight and a full tank of gas before mountain travel. Further tips for safe winter driving and information about chain controls can be found here. District 3 also recommends following the National Weather Service offices in Sacramento and Reno for up-to-date weather forecasts for the region.

District 3 is responsible for maintaining and operating 4,385 lane miles in 11 Sacramento Valley and Northern Sierra counties. Check out Caltrans’ “QuickMap” for current road conditions and chain requirements or download the free QuickMap app on the App Store or Google Play. Motorists also can call the California Highway Information Network automated phone service at 1-800-427-ROAD (7623).

MFPD is monitoring the situation and are already setting up operations and staffing to keep our roads open for emergency access. 

Take time today for last minute preparations. 

  • test run generators
  • check flashlight batteries
  • check fuel levels for generators
  • make sure family pets have a warm and dry place

12/9/2021 12:35pm

Upcoming weather conditions; possible light snow and Ice coming up and more rain through the late weekend and into the week

For more information visit

Weather Forecast for the area.

12/4/2021 2:34pm

Road Closure in Placerville, Sunday 12/5.

The annual Christmas parade will be taking place in Placerville tomorrow 12/5, which will impact travel flows through town. The parade route will be from Broadway at Schnell School Rd west to Main Street, continuing to Main St at Sacramento St – essentially Station 25. Expect a hard closure of this route from 1100 thru 3 pm, with congested traffic through Placerville prior to and after the parade.

Transportation to Marshall ER will not be impacted for units transporting from the South County areas.

Medic units transporting to Marshall from Hwy 50 (east or west) or North of Hwy 50 will need to take Hwy 49/Spring Street to Pacific St to Cedar Ravine. Broadway and Main St will be hard closures.

11/24/2021 7:29am

This Saturday November 27th the Mosquito Firefighters are hosting a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree for Station 75. Families or anyone interested in joining us can meet at the Fire Station at 1:00pm and caravan out to the forest in search of the tree. Refreshments and goodies will be provided.

On Saturday December 4th between 10am-3pm there will be a Holiday Arts and Crafts Sale at the Fire Station. 20 local artisans will be offering an array of wonderful holiday items and food.

Celebrate the season with us on Saturday December 11th. The MVFA will be hosting a free community Christmas dinner and with firefighters, the tree lighting at the Fire Station beginning at 5pm. Bring an ornament for the tree, Santa will be making an appearance and dinner will be at 6pm.

For more information contact Scott Reiman- sreiman@mfpd.u

11/3/2021 7:47pm

Several reports of a fire in the forest area near Quintet and below Balderson Station. Camino reports the USFS is burning 50 piles in the Tabacco Gultch area. All under control.

11/3/2021 10:34am


The Mosquito Fire Station has been reserved for a Town Hall Meeting for El Dorado County DOT to discuss the Mosquito Bridge Project with residents before the start of construction on April 21, 2022.

Please review the attached Road Closure memo and associated detour plan for the anticipated road closure on Mosquito Road for the Mosquito Road at South Fork American River Bridge Replacement Project. The closure will be various full closure for a cumulative seventy (70) calendar days per year, for the summers of 2022, 2023, and 2024. This is a five hundred and eighty (580) working day project. Dates of the closure to be determined once the Contract is awarded, weather conditions suitable for the project are verified, and the work dates are known.

Road Closure Memo

10/25/2021 11:10am

10/22/2021 3:24pm

Effective at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 25, 2021 the burn suspension will be lifted. Debris burning will be allowed with valid burn permit. Always call the burn status number right before burning as conditions can change. See the News Release for more information.

Cal Fire News Release

10/20/2021 4:00pm

Rain Event

Beginning today, and through at least Monday, El Dorado County is activating their EOC in preparedness for the incoming atmospheric river and pre-plan for any debris flow/watershed issues. They did not report any requests for state assistance or unmet needs at this time.

Per El Dorado County OES: Starting today and going through Monday they are predicting significant rainfall in the Caldor burn area. The county’s watershed expert, Brendan Ferry, states there are 4 areas of concern: Grizzly Flats near Consumnes Mine Road, Strawberry, Phillips Tract, and the highway 50 corridor that was affected by the fire. Avalanches could be a very real threat to Highway 50 due to the burn scar.

10/20/2021 12:03pm

NWS Sacramento

Periods of heavy to moderate rain are possible late Thursday into Friday with our next storm system. These could bring potential ash flows & debris flows to recent burn scars. They could also bring morning commute issues. The heaviest rain is expected north of I-80.

10/18/2021 3:32pm

A CPR/AED Course was conducted at the Mosquito Fire Station on 10/17/2021. The course was conducted by Accredited EMS Fire Inc in accordance with American Heart Association Certificate standards. A total of 29 students completed the course, breakdown as follows; 6 firefighters, 19 support members and 4 community members.

There will be another course offered (TBD) if you are interested in attending the next course please email Chief Rosevear at jrosevear@mfpd.us.

CPR/AED Training 10-17-2021

10/15/2021 6:09pm

Power outage; PG&E now estimating power restore at 5:30 tomorrow night 10/16. No known source

10/15/2021 5:44pm

Power outage ongoing effecting south of the Airport, down Rock Creek, down Mosquito across the bridge upt the canyon all the way to Kona, this includes Buckboard area. Possibly affecting 500 households. PG&E trying to find the source. Estimated power restore 11pm tonight.

10/13/2021 3:55pm

MFPD OES 4613 with Morgan Lugo, Devin Hern and Carson Keeton released from the KNP Complex Fire and will be home this evening.  

Strike Team XSJ4812F Departing the KNP Incident Includes MFPD M. Lugo, D. Hern and C. Keeton

10/11/2021 11:15pm

On Monday October 11, 2021 at 3:09pm, Camino Dispatch received a report of a structure fire on Gravel Road. Engine 75 and Water Tender 75 departed Station 75 at 3:10pm to the location at the end of Gravel Rd. Heavy dark smoke was visible from a distance on Gravel Rd. Assistant Chief Hern requested two additional water tenders to respond.

The fire location was nearly at the end of Gravel Rd. Due to the poor and severely rutted condition of Gravel Road, the engines could not travel more than 20-25 mph to the scene. Engine 75, Water Tender 75, Chiefs Chaloux and Rosevear arrived at scene at 3:20pm, to find a two-story residence fully involved in fire and spreading to the surrounding wildland area. Winds were blowing at the time from the north. Red Flag fire weather conditions were in effect. Camino Dispatch upgraded the response for the wildland spread, which included three hand crews, bulldozer, helicopter, air tankers and additional engines. MFPD Engine 275 arrived to assist prior to mutual aid engines arriving. Members of the Support Group closed gravel road and responded with hydration for the fire crews.

MFPD personnel deployed hose lines to stop the spread of the fire from the well involved structure. There were a number of homes in the area which were threatened, including properties on both sides of the fire scene and below on Rock Creek Rd. Approximately 23 minutes later, the first of the Cal Fire engines and our partners from the Garden Valley Fire District and El Dorado County Fire arrived to assist. While MFPD and El Dorado County FD personnel attacked the structure fire, Cal Fire engines and hand crews deployed to contain six spot fires down-wind of the fire scene. Wildland fire crews were assisted by bucket drops from a helicopter while a large capacity air tanker (VLAT) orbited overhead, ready to drop, if needed.

Engines and water tenders were able to access a newly installed (by MFPD) 10K gallon water storage tank at the end of Gravel Rd. The addition of the recently installed 10K gallon water storage tank was instrumental in refilling and providing water to the fire scene. The tank was installed with permission of a nearby landowner, because of the lack of water supply and severe wildland fire threat in the Gravel Road area. Without that new tank in service, water tenders would have had to refill on Rock Creek Rd. near Frank’s Diner, a turnaround time of approximately 30 minutes. This was truly a game changer for our community’s safety and our ability to confine a fire under extreme conditions, as we experienced today.

Approximately 80 personnel were deployed to the incident to ensure the fire did not advance and cause widespread damage. This included 11 MFPD support group personnel who responded to provide hydration and food to the firefighters, and staff the station, to answer questions for community members calling with questions and concerns. An MFPD firefighter suffered a minor back injury after falling, while no civilians were injured. Firefighters will remain at the scene overnight to check for hotspots.

10/11/2021 4:40pm

House Fire on Gravel Road extinguished.  Aircraft released.  PG&E on site repairing downed power line.

10/11/2021 3:35pm

House fire reported on Gravel Road.  Mosquito Fire and Support Group responding.  

10/10/2021 10:10pm

Red Flag Warning in effect from Monday 10/11, 11am to Tuesday 10/12, 7pm.
MFPD will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.

Red Flag Warning

10/10/2021 9:21am

This just received, El Dorado County has been removed from the PSPS Scope.

MFPD will continue monitor and advise if there are any further issues or concerns.

10/10/2021 8:40am


With dry offshore winds in forecast, PG&E may need to turn off power for safety in a targeted manner starting Monday morning. This power cutoff should not affect us, we will post any update that will affect Mosquito/Swansboro. Please refer to the following for more information.

PG&E Alerts

Public Safety Power Shutoff Situation Report 10/09/2021

PSPS 48 Hour Event

El Dorado County Outage Area Map

8/10/2021 News

MFPD is preparing for another crew swap this Thursday at the Dixie Fire. OES will authorize the payment for the transition of both crews and a rental vehicle.

Morgan Lugo, Ryan Hopkins and Carson Keeton will be relieving Todd Hern, Devin Hern and Mitch Keith, who have done an excellent job saving homes and representing our District under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions.

8/4/2021 News

New Official Facebook Page for the Mosquito Fire Protection District is located here


6/24/2021 News

Mosquito Fire District received a new Type 6 Engine on June 24th.

This is a 2020 HME – Ahrens Fox Built Ford for the OES.

It has 2 pumps the main is a 500 GPM and the Aux Pump is a 200 GPM and can hold 300 gallons of water.

This vehicle comes equipped with state of the art HURST Battery powered extrication equipment and has a full compliment of hose / equipment and tools.

This vehicle will be used in district as well on strike teams when called by the OES. This will help the community by offering a light alternative to fire response as well as a secondary response to back up the engine on all normal calls.