Todd Hern began coming to Mosquito in 1975 and so has been here through most of the development of the community and both the Chili Bar and King fires. He has been living full time on the hill since 1998 and began his service as a Volunteer with the District in October of that year. Over his 22+ years, he has served as a Fire Fighter Engineer, Captain, Battalion Chief, and currently serves as Assistant Chief.

Hern estimates he has been on 900-1,000 calls as a Mosquito Volunteer. He has seen his share of falls, broken bones, major medical concerns and deaths. And he adds, “A volunteer firefighter also does everything possible to provide the families all the support they might need in times of crisis. That is a major part of the job.”

Todd looks back on the immensity of the 2014 King Fire for the community with a combination of pride and awe, “There were 160-170 engines on the runway and 2,000 – 3,000 firefighters spread throughout the neighborhood. Our Mosquito firefighters and support group served as the trouble shooters and hub for that massive support system.”

As he looks forward, he hopes to see improved integration of the firefighters and the support group and a coming back together of the various community based organizations to increase support for the development of the Fire District and the greater community.

Todd, thanks for all you have done and all that you continue to do. We are a better community and Fire District as a result of your efforts.