Mosquito Fire Protection District

Support Group

Who are those people in the bright yellow-orange shirts standing on the side of the road with a STOP sign? If you have lived here very long, you have probably seen them. They are volunteer members of the MFPD Support Group. These volunteers assist our firefighters during an emergency, staffing the fire station, fielding calls, providing road control, water supply support (pump and hydrants), and food, supplies and childcare for firefighters. They also assist with evacuations and helicopter landings. They are well-equipped and well-trained, meeting once a month to learn more about their duties and to discuss recent emergency incidents in Mosquito. So, if you see them out on road control, meaning they have closed a road due to an emergency situation, please remember that they are trying to protect YOU and at the same time keep the emergency scene safe so that our firefighters can quickly and safely deal with the emergency situation.

Interested in becoming a Support group member? Inquire at the fire station or stop in at one of their monthly trainings (typically held at 10am on the first Saturday of the month)